Adult Texting

Adult Texting

Must be over the age of 18 for adult texting.

Its fun and easy to do from the comfort of your own home…

Here are a list of sites ive found online, email them or check out the sites for more information.

I have no contact with these companies.



TEXT121CHAT http://www.text121chat.com/ or http://www.text121.chat.co.uk (same company)
Contact info: http://www.text121chat.com/working/index.htm or text121manageruk@msn.com
– hires from all over world
– be able to mangage a min of 2000 texts per month
– reports of a good company
– offers UK direct deposit
– make sure to fill out application fully or will not be considered
– first 200 text messages are done for free
– good place for a newbie to gain experience

– payment via paypal

– paid each month





TPTP.US http://www.tptp.us
Contact info: http://www.tptp.us/ope.php
– you are a text chathost
– IC this is similar to the NF platform for pso’s
– you use your own cell phone for Texting (pc Texting will be availabe in April)
– can earn both marketing and chathost commission



Universal Talk / UT http://www.universaltalk.co.uk
Contact info: For USA and Canada – click here
For others click here
– hires from all over world
– beside phone sex services, also have message exchange, 3G mobile entertainment, SMS chat, & Email exchange
– flexible hours
– can work all or one of the services
– they provide training
– does not allow Taboo topics


VIP / VIP Texting http://www.vipplatform.net
Contact info: App in PDF, Contract in PDF
– pay rates from 7 pence – 12 pence per message
– bonuses are available for good performance and improvement (calculated monthly)
– hours available are weekends all hours, weekdays TBC. (Weekend base pay rates are more.)
– pay is monthly via bank transfer. (If you do not have a bank account we may be able to make other arrangements)
– forms need to be returned to by fax to:
UK: 08701 355 478
US: 1 260 454 2021
AU: 0294 754 631
Other: +44 8701 355 478
– if you have any questions email applications@viptexting.com



Vision SMS http://www.visionsms.com
Contact info: Contact page or + 44 (0) 871 240 0603


Zweiloewen http://www.zweiloewen.de
Contact info: kelly@zweiloewen.de
– must be willing to work weekends
– must have flexible hours of availability
– newbies are welcomed
– work in 4 hour shifts
– pay starts at .10 euros and is based on how many messages the customers respond to yours

***Please note,I do not work for any of these companies-this is just a list of various sites that I have come across-if any of these links don’t work,please let me know and I will remove them.







All imformation was correct at time of placing information.

Information can change at any time.



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